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Bearing cleaning method

Zhejiang Kening Motor Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 13, 2016

One, hot oil cleansing method
Due to the use of long, soft dry anti-rust oil or paste hardening of bearing, shall be immersed in hot oil at 100-200, using pliers bearings, bearings use a scrub brush to clean up the oil. Soft dry anti-rust oil or cream is heated to 100-200 ° c melting, easily washed out from the bearing gap. Sometimes multiple times as long as the bearing oil shake. Oil will be flowing from the gap. Cleaning the import of used motor or motor radial spherical bearings, balls, beads should be from the outer ring, inner ring lateral transfer out after immersion in hot oil, cleaning should also be of short cylindrical roller bearing roller, bead racks, inner and outer ring off. Of course, in the hot oil when cleaning, oil temperature should not exceed 20 degrees centigrade.
Second, General cleaning
Put the bearings in 5-10-minute soak in kerosene in one hand, pinch the inner ring, one hand and turning the outer ring on a bearing of anti-rust oil or ointment will fall. Motor bearings are then put in cleaner coal, with a soft scrub brush to wash, clean ball and crack the oil, then put it in the gas cleaning 1 times out on a clean sheet of paper. Radial insert ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearings clean ball, the Pearl, the inner ring and the outer ring off to clean.