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Better reflected than General Motors of high voltage motor

Zhejiang Kening Motor Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 13, 2016

Advantages of high voltage motor power, strong ability to withstand impact and disadvantage is inertia, starting and braking hard. Control device according to actual and set way: motor capacity big size Yu power capacity and 1000KW following of can directly started, then of impact current is rated value of 3-6 times. to prevent impact current had big, for big motor must consider reduced started current of started way: has series reactor started, frequency started, liquid couple collection device started, variety way. Shenyang spray code machine has complex has simple, price differences is big. Due to high voltage, current, motor manufacturer must meet the requirements of overvoltage and insulation levels must be high enough, as far as I know the good of some insulating materials are imported.
Speed control of high-voltage motor technology from the market situation, the technology of high-voltage motor drive can be divided into the following categories: fluid coupling on the motor shaft and load shaft between the impeller, between the impeller is adjusted liquid (usually oil) pressure to achieve the objective of adjusting load speeds. This speed is essentially slip power consumption practices, its main drawback is that as the speed decreased efficiency and low, need to disconnect the motor and load installation, maintenance, and once in a while you need to replace the shaft seals, bearings and other parts, and generally dirty, low grade equipment, are obsolete technology.

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