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Brushless DC motors to high efficiency, small size, and energy saving direction

Zhejiang Kening Motor Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 13, 2016

Brushless DC electric motor is part of electromechanical energy conversion, which in addition to the motor armature, permanent magnet excitation in two parts, but also with a sensor. Core of the motor is a Brushless DC motor, it not only affects the performance, noise and vibration, reliability and service life, also related to manufacturing costs and product costs. As a result of the permanent magnetic field, out of General DC Brushless motor DC motor design and structure, meet market requirements, and toward the copper raw materials, manufacturing and easy direction. The permanent magnetic field is related to the development and application of permanent magnetic materials, the third generation of application of permanent magnet material, led to high efficiency brushless DC motor, small, energy-efficient direction. Brushless DC motor and DC motor has the same working principle and application of characteristics, and its composition is different. In addition to the motor itself, the former a commutation circuit, motor and the commutation circuit close together. Many small power electric motor the motor itself is incorporated with the commutation circuit, DC Brushless motors and DC motors from the appearance point of view exactly the same.