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DC gear motor speed measurement method

Zhejiang Kening Motor Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 13, 2016
DC gear motors gear motor, is based on the ordinary DC motors and auxiliary gearbox. Role of the gearbox is providing low speed large torque. In the course of using, mountain electrical engineers think DC gear motor speed measurement is very important, DC gear motor speed measurement in general there are two main methods:
1, photoelectric velocity measurement method using a grid consisting of disc and photoelectric door system. When DC motor through transmission grids driven disc spins, speed photoelectric door access to a series of pulses. These pulses through two timer/counters combined with single-chip microcomputer, a count, a timing. Calculate the number of pulses per unit time m, after conversion, you can calculate DC gear motor rotation speed.
2 speed measurement, Hall effect, DC geared motor shaft driven magnet on the shaft rotation, thus changing the magnetic field through Hall circuit to convert the magnetic field pulse signals, enlargement plastic, rectangular pulse signal is output. When the speed is changed, the output pulse frequency vary. DC gear motor rotation speed can be obtained.

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