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High pressure motor motor maintenance

Zhejiang Kening Motor Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 13, 2016

High pressure motor will find manufacturers specializing in the maintenance and reliable. Our professional high pressure motor manufacturers to bring you the following maintenance see maintenance of high-voltage motor with motor:
1. in the course of everyday use, the use of high-voltage motor to ensure no water around objects, such as, which is in the process of working to ensure the voltage of the motor no leakage phenomenon, can not only ensure continued, the greatest is to ensure the safety of personnel.
2. in the process of using regular lines to check because high pressure device using aging problems occur in the process, if you use the aging process does not care, is leakage may occur at any time, thus potentially resulting in injury.
3. in the course of using, check the efficiency of the cooling fan, because in the course of use due to the dust and other reasons will make the radiator fan does not rotate, so will not be able to achieve thermal purposes, will be used in the process of high-voltage motor overheating, serious accidents may occur.