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Stepper motor control will gradually become the new darling of the medical industry

Zhejiang Kening Motor Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 13, 2016

Stepper motors have been used in medical applications because of its powerful features and performance in decades, and overall value. Innovation, the stepper motor is constantly being raised, rare earth magnets are used, and cause more torque. In fact, today's stepper motor has a torque of about 150% similar dimensions than they were 20 years ago. In addition, the process has greatly improved, and made way for the smaller motors.
With a strong magnet coupling, mini stepper motor motor can do more today. In addition to causing greater space saving in material and manufacturing process innovation also led to higher efficiency motors. For most input power into heat was wasted, high efficiency, stepper motors are only a few of the wasted energy, thus saving more money by reducing energy use, and are able to run in a continuous cycle.