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There are several starting of high voltage motor

Zhejiang Kening Motor Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 13, 2016

1. ordinary squirrel-cage motor direct start, starting current rated current 4-7. When the motor size is relatively large, the starting current would cause a sharp decline in voltage, voltage and frequency will change, it would damage other equipment for normal operation of power grids, or even cause grid instability, cause more accidents.
2. the full voltage of the motor startup current in the stator coil and squirrel-cage rotor bar has a great impact on, will destroy the windings and insulation causing the rat cage fracture, which may cause malfunction, high current would produce a lot of Joule, damage the winding insulation, reduced motor life.
3. series reactor startup as a level blood pressure starts at full pressure switch torque transition, will have a mechanical shock. Compared with direct full pressure start, less risk of overvoltage. But because of the randomness of the high frequency oscillation, and large amplitude operation over-voltage may still occur.
4. auto-transformer vacuum starts compared with the reactor pressure starts, in the case of get the same starting torque, auto-transformer starting current of the buck starts small, suited to of torque.