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Air Conditioner Motor Energy - Saving Ideal Speed Control Method

Zhejiang Kening Motor Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 19, 2017

Small household windows and split Air Conditioner Motors using single, induction AC motor, large and medium-sized Air Conditioner Motors using three-phase motor.

First, the principle of air conditioning compressor motor

Small household windows and split Air Conditioner Motors using single, induction AC motor, large and medium-sized Air Conditioner Motors using three-phase motor.

1, single-phase asynchronous motor

Air-conditioner single-phase compressor has two windings, namely, start winding and running winding (main winding), three terminals, respectively, for the common, start, run, generally use capacitor running drive, the implementation of fixed speed control.

Motor from start to normal operation process, the secondary winding circuit is always in series with a capacitor, so that electrical performance, efficiency and power factor high, reliable.

2, three-phase asynchronous motor

In the hotel, factories, laboratories and other occasions, Air Conditioner Motors, the use of three-phase power supply, the motor for the three-phase asynchronous motor. The following are the same as the "

The structure is similar to that of a single-phase motor. The difference is that the three-phase motor stator consists of three completely symmetrical windings embedded in the stator core and offset by 120 ° in the spatial distribution. 3 windings can be connected into a Y-shaped, can also be connected into a △ shape, when the stator windings into the three-phase symmetrical current (that is, three-phase current in the time phase difference between 120 ° electrical angle), it will stator, The air gap between the rotor produces a rotating magnetic field, so that the rotor due to electromagnetic induction and produce electromagnetic torque.

Three-phase asynchronous motor structure is simple, excellent performance, torque, efficiency and power factor than single-phase asynchronous motor is high, so the larger power of Air Conditioner Motors, such as cabinet Air Conditioner Motor compressor using three-phase asynchronous motor.

The following are the same as the "

3, variable frequency motor

As long as the frequency of the asynchronous motor is changed, different motor speeds can be obtained.

Frequency conversion speed not only can achieve smooth speed control, and the speed range is wide, high efficiency, fast response, start the current is small, the impact of small power grid, comfortable performance, is an energy-saving ideal speed method.

In particular, heat pump type Air Conditioner Motor, frequency control can be used to control the size of heat pump heat, not subject to the outdoor temperature limit, thus greatly improving its heating capacity.

Inverter work process: the inverter generally uses indirect frequency (AC - DC - AC) way, by the rectification and inverter process composed of two.

(50Hz) of the grid current through the power filter and other pretreatment, sent to the rectifier module (such as diode rectifier bridge), rectified DC direct input inverter module (such as the use of IGBT as the basic components of the IPM module).

Inverter module in the CPU chip drive signal under the action of direct current into a different frequency of alternating current, the supply of compressor work.

IPM inverter module works: IPM module using IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor) as a switching element.

CPU drive from the six drive signals (that is, as the IGBT base signal) were controlled three-phase inverter circuit of the six IGBT switch off.

In each cycle every 60 ° in a certain order to rotate the various IGBT turn on and off, so that the output of the inverter circuit to obtain a certain frequency of three-phase AC.

By controlling the length of the IGBT switch on-off time (that is, control the positive half-cycle and negative half-cycle pulse width), you can get in the three-phase output of different frequencies of alternating current.

The following are the same as the "

Second, the principle of air conditioning fan motor

Air Conditioner Motor fan motor is generally single-phase asynchronous motor, using PSC wiring.

According to the needs of the use of fan motor speed control, speed control methods are: stator winding tap speed, SCR speed and so on.

1, tap speed

By changing the motor stator winding turns to change the main winding on the operating voltage, so as to achieve the purpose of changing the flux, adjust the speed. Tap-type speed control of the PSC motor stator windings from the main winding, secondary winding and the middle winding (speed winding) three parts.

The following are the same as the "

2, SCR speed

SCR, also known as thyristor, one-way thyristor and two-way thyristor two-way, one-way thyristor characteristics, when the thyristor to withstand the positive anode voltage, plus positive voltage in the gate and a certain gate current When the component turns on.

In the case of a tube, the door is lost. Thyristor in the case of conduction, only when its positive anode voltage to a certain value or anode voltage becomes negative, the tube cut off.

Triac, when the tube is turned on, when the voltage drops below or below the minimum voltage, the tube is cut off until the next trigger signal (pulse signal) arrives.

Solid State Relays: Solid State Relays referred to as SSR, which is a non-contact semiconductor relay with bidirectional thyristors.

When the trigger signal is applied to the input, the phototransistor performs on-off control of the load.

In the Air Conditioner Motor fan motor speed, the single-chip output high and low level as a solid-state relay trigger signal, and through the auxiliary circuit to detect the power frequency sinusoidal current zero point, by the program control time, and then connected to the load at a certain moment Of the current.

When the power supply current is zero, the thyristor is automatically turned off so that the required effective voltage can be obtained. If the voltage is supplied to the motor, the motor winding voltage can be changed to obtain the corresponding speed.

The following are the same as the "

Third, the air conditioning and other devices with the principle of the motor

1, stepper motor

Wall-type and part of the cabinet air-conditioned guide plate by the stepper motor control.

Stepper motor is an electrical pulse signal into a linear displacement or angular displacement of the implementation of components, that is, plus a pulse signal in the motor, the motor on the move step.

The rotor is made of permanent magnet cylindrical polar magnetic rotor, the stator inner circle and the rotor outer circle has a certain eccentricity,Air Conditioner Motor so the air gap is not uniform, the smallest air gap, that is, the smallest magnetoresistance.

The stator armature sets a concentrated winding, and the winding ends are energized by a dedicated power supply. When the stator winding is not energized, there is a magnetic flux generated by the permanent magnet rotor in the motor circuit.

This flux will cause the axis of the rotor pole to converge to the position where the magnetoresistance is minimized.

When the power supply to the motor winding to add a pulse,Air Conditioner Motor the stator two poles and the polarity of the two poles of the rotor repulsive, the rotor in the direction of the arrow n counterclockwise turn about 180 ° until the stator pole and rotor magnetic pole opposite the opposite sex.

The following are the same as the "

2, permanent magnet synchronous motor

The Air Conditioner Motor is equipped with a micro-motor that is a permanent magnet synchronous jaw pole self-starting synchronous motor.

Air Conditioner Motor The motor drive voltage is ~ 220V / 50Hz, its stator by the cup-shaped shell, ring single-phase coil and claw pole pieces; the rotor is a high coercivity ferrite magnetic ring.

The claw pole is evenly distributed along the circumference, and the logarithm of the pawl pole (the logarithm of the poles) is determined by the required synchronous speed. Swing motor claw pole pairs, low speed, large torque, the output power is small, simple structure, no fixed steering.

The master switch is usually mounted on the Air Conditioner Motor's control panel. It is connected to the compressor, fan and other equipment to implement the power switch, but also switch the Air Conditioner Motor running status selection switch.