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Air Conditioner Motor Energy Saving And Environmental Protection To Further Improve The Efficiency Of The Inverter

Zhejiang Kening Motor Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 27, 2017

The rapid development of electronic technology for human life to add a bright color, but with the industrialization and urbanization of the deepening of electronic technology to the world cast a shadow.

Electricity comes from a large number of other energy sources, and most of the energy is not renewable, the excessive consumption of electricity affects the future of human society sustainable development. Therefore, the environmental energy saving, especially electronic products, energy efficient issues become one of the hot topic now. Watch carefully will find that energy-saving environmental protection is often focused on the integrated circuit, while ignoring the role of electronic components. Electronic components as the basis of electronic information products, has been quietly supporting the development of electronic information industry. From the mini U disk to aerospace, electronic components everywhere. In terms of the use of quantity or system cost, electronic components are more than integrated circuits, so energy-saving topics can not be separated from electronic components.

China is the global home appliance production base, home appliance industry with an annual output value of 600 billion yuan, while China's household electrical appliances, power consumption is also more than 15% of China's total power consumption. Therefore, home appliances become the first to save energy and energy conservation targets, especially home Air Conditioner Motor, washing machine energy efficiency is the challenge of the limit.

Go to the home appliance stores to go around, inverter air conditioner accounted for more than half of the counter, you can see the inverter air conditioner has the energy advantage and the living environment has been more people to accept, and the government will inverter air conditioner into the energy-saving list of the lead Role, but also virtually for the inverter air conditioner to create a good reputation.

Power devices and compressor motors are two key components of Air Conditioner Motor energy efficiency, Mitsubishi Electric has mastered the two air-conditioning core technology successfully occupied the inverter air conditioner, refrigerator and washing machine market share of 60%. The industry to master power semiconductor technology business a lot, but at the same time to master the power semiconductor and motor business is very few. 

The original inverter air conditioner compressor motor for the AC motor, after the development of technology to the use of DC brushless motor. Mitsubishi Electric also introduced the industry's most efficient "keel motor", its original compressor keel motor core like a keel can start, in the expansion of the stator core on the high density around the copper and then together, So that the size of the motor significantly reduced, and to achieve the tightening of the winding and volume reduction, greatly improving the efficiency of the motor.