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Air Conditioner Motor Good Operating Performance, Reliable Work

Zhejiang Kening Motor Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 06, 2017

First, the principle of Air Conditioner Motor

Small household windows and split air conditioners using single, induction AC motor, large and medium-sized air conditioners using three-phase motor.

1, single-phase asynchronous motor

Air conditioner with a single-phase compressor has two windings, namely, start winding and running the winding (main winding), three terminals, respectively, for the common, start, run, generally use capacitive drive, the implementation of fixed speed control.

Motor from start to normal operation process, the secondary winding circuit is always in series with a capacitor, so that electrical performance, efficiency and power factor is high, reliable.

2, three-phase asynchronous motor

In the hotel, factories, laboratories and other occasions, air conditioners, the use of three-phase power supply, the motor for the three-phase asynchronous motor. The same time as the above-

The structure is similar to that of a single-phase motor. The difference is that the three-phase motor stator consists of three completely symmetrical windings embedded in the stator core slots and shifted by 120 ° in the spatial distribution. 3 windings can be connected into a Y-shaped, can also be connected into a △ shape,Air Conditioner Motor when the stator windings into the three-phase symmetrical current (ie, three-phase current phase difference in the 120 ° phase difference), the stator, The air gap between the rotor produces a rotating magnetic field, which causes the rotor to generate electromagnetic torque due to electromagnetic induction.

Three-phase asynchronous motor structure is simple, excellent performance, torque, efficiency and power factor are higher than single-phase asynchronous motor,Air Conditioner Motor so the larger power of air conditioners, such as cabinet air conditioner compressor three-phase asynchronous motor.

The same time as the above-

3, variable frequency motor

As long as the frequency of the asynchronous motor is changed, different motor speeds can be obtained.

Frequency conversion speed not only can achieve smooth speed control, and the speed range, high efficiency, fast response, start the current is small, the impact of small power grid, comfortable performance, is an energy-saving ideal speed method.

In particular, heat pump type air conditioner,Air Conditioner Motor frequency control can be used to control the size of heat pump heat, not subject to the outdoor temperature limit, thus greatly improving its heating capacity.

Inverter work process: the inverter generally uses indirect frequency (AC - DC - AC) way, by the rectification and inverter process composed of two.

(50Hz) of the grid current through the power filter and other pretreatment, sent to the rectifier module (such as diode rectifier bridge), rectified DC direct input inverter module (such as the use of IGBT as the basic components of the IPM module).

Inverter module in the CPU chip drive signal under the action of direct current into a different frequency of alternating current, the supply of compressor work.

IPM inverter module works: IPM module using IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor) as a switching element.

CPU drive the six drive signals (that is, as the IGBT base signal) were controlled three-phase inverter circuit of the six IGBT switch off.

In each cycle every 60 ° in a certain order to rotate the various IGBT turn on and off,Air Conditioner Motor so that the output of the inverter circuit to obtain a certain frequency of three-phase AC.

By controlling the length of the IGBT switch off time (that is, control the positive half cycle and negative half cycle pulse width), you can get the output of the three phases of different frequency AC.