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Air Conditioner Motor Noise Reduction Method

Zhejiang Kening Motor Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 27, 2017

Home air conditioning motor work will encounter what failure, what method can be ruled out?

Single - phase AC motor for single - use air - conditioning motor working power. This motor structure is relatively simple, so some common faults can be repaired in amateur conditions.

1. The Air Conditioner Motor does not start after power is applied

The fault in addition to the power circuit, the motor winding bad, most of the motor start circuit abnormalities. Electric fans, exhaust fans, washing machines and other motors generally use the capacitor to start the operation; and refrigerators, freezers and other motors to use multi-phase resistance start-up operation, once the start of the circuit capacitor or split-phase resistance is damaged, the motor can not function properly First check the start circuit failure and then check the motor failure.

If the start circuit is normal, it may be the motor internal winding local short circuit or open circuit, can be used multimeter R × 1 block to determine the value of the winding resistance.

Such as the refrigerator compressor motor, under normal circumstances start winding resistance is about 23Ω, the operating winding resistance is about 10Ω, start and run the winding winding normal resistance should be the sum of the two.

2. Air conditioning motor speed is slow and weak

When the motor is slow and powerless after power is applied, most of the capacitor start-up motors are insufficient capacitor capacity, serious leakage or low power supply voltage. In addition, if there is serious defect and broken condition, especially the washing machine motor Often start and forward and reverse operation, the rotor bar of the larger induction current easy to break the rotor aluminum, but also lead to slow and weak operation.

When there are cracks in the aluminum bar, you can use a hand drill drill between the cracks in a small hole, with the corresponding aluminum wire embedded in the hole, and then knocked riveting, and finally steel and sandpaper polished smooth and smooth. If the aluminum strip fracture surface is large, the conditions can be used aluminum wire welding method to be repaired.

3. Air conditioning motor housing live

General requirements of the motor leakage current should not be greater than 0.8mA, to ensure personal safety.

The main reason for the leakage of the motor shell is that the lead wire insulation in the motor is damaged and touched the shell. The motor winding is burned to cause leakage between the stator and the shell. More common is a long time in a high humidity environment, resulting in reduced insulation of the motor insulation caused by the chassis charged. At this point, the table can be used to measure the motor winding between the winding and the insulation resistance value, if the 2MΩ below, then the motor has been damp, the motor stator winding should be baked to the tide treatment.

4. Air conditioning motor running temperature rise intensified

All kinds of household single-phase motor in normal working condition, the motor shell surface temperature is generally higher than the ambient temperature of about 20 ℃, the maximum temperature rise should not be higher than 70 ℃. If the motor work after a few minutes after the surface temperature of the shell rose, and the machine spread the tar smell and even smoke, the motor overheating failure.

Motor overheating temperature rise, the main motor quality problems; motor long-term in the overload operation (transmission failure caused by motor load); motor cooling conditions are poor; motor winding local short circuit. One of the more common is the winding turn short circuit, can be opened to check the winding case. If the line pack does not burn, the stator can be re-impregnated and then dried. If the line is burned locally, it only has to replace the winding wire package.

5. Air conditioning motor running noise

Motor work noise, there are two main reasons, first, mechanical noise, mainly motor bearing wear and lack of oil, resulting in hard friction noise. This can be cleaned after adding grease to reduce noise. When the rotor shaft and the bearing loose or loose cover, but also the motor rotation occurs when the axial movement to produce noise. There are some poor quality assembly of the motor, the bearing chamber is not the heart, the motor radial gap is uneven, etc. will produce abnormal noise. In this regard, as long as the removal of the outer cover and rear cover, remove the rotor and stator seat, re-riveting the inner cover of the inner cap can be emergency repair.

In addition, some of the shaded pole motor short circuit loops or loose core and produce electromagnetic noise, should take the clamping measures.