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At The Time Of The Explosion-proof Motor Used In High Voltage Motor Needs Attention

Zhejiang Kening Motor Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 13, 2016

Cleaning to clean the motor. Clear of high-voltage motor frame external dust and sludge in a timely manner. Use more environmental dust, cleaned once a day.
Inspection and cleaning to clean the motor terminal block. Check the wiring box wiring screw is loose, burned.
Blows hot air drying methods, incandescent lamps, infrared, steam lines, low-voltage AC electric heating. Low-voltage AC power when dry, current value shall not exceed 0.6 times times the rated current, and rotor brake motor should reliably. Regardless of the method used is dry, should pay attention to the winding temperature is gradually increased, shall not exceed the maximum temperature of the winding insulation class allows.
Used for high voltage motors can be used to drive various machinery. Such as compressors, pumps, crushers, cutting machines, transport machinery and other equipment, for mining, machinery industry, Petro-chemical industry as a prime mover, generators and other industrial uses. In order to ensure the normal work of high-voltage motor, operation as well as normal use, running processes with normal monitoring and maintenance, but should also carry out regular inspections, electrical maintenance work. Regular inspections can eliminate some of the problems, to prevent failures from occurring, ensure safe and reliable operation of motor. Regular maintenance interval according to the motor considering use of the environment in the form of a decision.
Commonly used greases sodium calcium base grease and grease. Grease has good water resistance, but less heat-resistant, suitable for temperatures at 70 c under the conditions of use of the work. Sodium grease poor water resistance, heat resistance, good. For work under the conditions of use in the 120 deg. Electrician according to the motor of the working environment and working conditions, reasonable choice of lubricating grease.