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Considerations For High Voltage Motor In Operation

Zhejiang Kening Motor Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 13, 2016

(1) General design of high voltage motor at an altitude not exceeding 1000m, location of the ambient air temperature does not exceed 40 c run.
(2) when the extra voltage variation within ± 5% high-voltage motor, can be rated for continuous operation. If the voltage exceeds ± 5%, according to factory requirement or limit load test results.
(3) the running of high-voltage motor temperature rise shall comply with the provisions of the factories, the lack of this information.
(4) high-voltage motor for short time rating, its various parts of 1、temperature allow 10K higher than values specified in the table 1-2.
(5) the allowable temperature 80 ℃ for sliding bearing (oil temperature of no higher than 65 ° c). Rolling bearing allow temperature 95 ℃ (at ambient temperature of not more than 40 degrees centigrade).
(6) operation of high voltage motor of maximum ambient temperature is between 40 ℃-60 ℃, temperature ceiling value should be provided for in the above table minus the ambient temperature exceeds 40 ° c value.
(7) if the high-voltage motor operating environment temperature 0 ℃ to 40 ℃ between time, temperature and ceiling values generally do not increase. When manufacturing agreement, allowing increased (40-t) k, but the biggest is 30K.
(8) shared by outdoor cooling air motor, in order to avoid moisture, after the outage, it must immediately stop the supply of cooling air.
(9) check whether the brush spark under normal, slip rings (or steering) burns and abrasion.
(10) check whether the motor in operation when there is abnormal noise and vibration, friction between the stator and rotor. Shanxi electric year-round high voltage motors, Yzr motor, Yr motor, welcome to buy if there is demand.

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