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Dryer Machine Motor Always Wipe To Keep It Clean

Zhejiang Kening Motor Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 27, 2017

Dryer Machine Motor before use Note:

1, before using the first vacuum and then heating.

2, such as in the course of the use of abnormal, odor, smoke, etc., please immediately turn off the power, the user should not blindly repair, should notify the company repair department, by professionals to view the repair.

3, because if the first step by heating and then vacuum the program steps, the heated air is pumped out when the vacuum pump, the heat will inevitably be brought to the vacuum pump up, resulting in vacuum pump temperature rise is too high, may make the vacuum pump efficiency.

4, before the first vacuum and then heating, heating the gas is directed to the vacuum pressure gauge, Dryer Machine Motor vacuum gauge will produce a temperature rise. If the temperature rise exceeds the vacuum pressure gauge specified in the use of temperature range, it may cause the vacuum gauge to produce the indication error.

5, the vacuum drying chassis behind the intake pipe with a vacuum hose and vacuum pump connected to the vacuum pump power.

6, if you do not have long, you should unplug the power cord to prevent damage to equipment. And should be regularly (usually a quarter) according to the use of conditions to run 2-3 days to get rid of the electrical part of the moisture, to avoid damage to the device

7, plug in the power, the temperature controller shows the number, and set the temperature and heating mode (when the temperature can be full power heating stalls hit 1, constant temperature half-power heating stalls hit 2).

8, flammable and volatile chemicals should not be placed in a vacuum drying machine.

9, after the end of the set, the data long-term preservation. The oven enters the warming state and the heating indicator (green) lights up. When the temperature close to the set temperature, the traffic lights staggered, repeated many times, control into the constant temperature state.

10, box wall liner and equipment surface should always wipe to keep clean, increase the transparency of the glass. Do not wipe the outer surface with acid, alkali or other corrosive solution.

11, Dryer Machine Motor why the first vacuum and then heating.

12, after the end of drying, turn off the power, spin the release valve, remove the vacuum inside the box, remove the items.

13, need to dry the items into the vacuum drying machine, the door closed, and close the release valve, open the vacuum valve, and then open the vacuum pump power to start pumping, so that the box reached the vacuum -0.1mpa, close the vacuum valve , And then turn off the vacuum pump power switch.

14, the correct use of the method should be the first vacuum and then heating. To be reached after the rated temperature, such as the vacuum found to be reduced when the appropriate pumping about. This is advantageous for extending the service life of the equipment.

Second, the Dryer Machine Motor after use Note

1, remove the items to be processed, such as dealing with flammable materials, must be cooled to below the temperature after the burning point in order to put the air in order to avoid the oxidation reaction caused by combustion.

2, the vacuum box without continuous pumping use, the Dryer Machine Motor should first close the vacuum valve, and then turn off the vacuum pump motor power, or vacuum pump oil to pour to the box.

3, such as a longer drying time, vacuum drop, need to re-pump to restore vacuum, you should first open the vacuum pump motor switch, and then open the vacuum valve.

4, prohibited into the explosive items dry.

5, after the lifting of the vacuum, because the seal and the glass door tightening deformation is not easy to immediately open the door, Dryer Machine Motor to wait about 30 minutes to facilitate the opening of the door.