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Dryer Machine Motor Improve The Efficiency Of Production

Zhejiang Kening Motor Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 27, 2017

Dryer Machine Motor in the normal drying process is the need to use the fan, then the dryer equipment, the use of fans need to pay attention to some matters, can help you improve the efficiency of production and ensure the safety of drying equipment.

Dryer Machine Motor The selection of the fan in this industry in the actual operation of production, the situation involved are the following:

1), for the new dry project to select the appropriate fan model: mainly based on drying equipment system production capacity and resistance to determine the fan of the mass flow and full pressure head. For a single fan system, should ensure that the fan full pressure is greater than the system resistance. And the double drum - induced draft fan system, the sum of the full pressure of the two fans should be greater than the resistance of the system. Selection of fans, generally according to the fan curve to determine which type of fan can well meet the drying equipment required by the operating conditions, so that the highest efficiency of the fan;

2), the existing drying equipment system, due to increased production and other factors, the need to determine the fan transformation program: the general requirements according to the actual production needs to determine the scope of changes in air volume, and then determine the fan transformation program;

3), the fan operating conditions change, the ability to check the fan: When the dryer fan air temperature changes, especially when the actual temperature is lower than the design temperature, the motor may run overload, serious may burn the motor The

How should the fans in the dryer be arranged?

In the drying equipment system, the commonly used fan is a centrifugal fan. Fan in the drying system in the placement method can be a single fan can also be so double drum - induced draft fan. These two methods have their own characteristics.

A single lead fan is placed in the dust recovery device, so that the drying equipment in the negative pressure operation. The strength of this boring system is that dust and harmful gases will not leak into the atmosphere, but because of the high pressure in the drying equipment, the frequent fan start and stop will cause some instability in the tower and the external air leakage into the Dryer Machine Motor, therefore, a single wind extraction method is only applicable to small drying system.

On the large drying equipment, the first choice of two fans, one as a blower, the other as a fan. This system has greater flexibility, can be through the conditioning pipeline pressure distribution, improve the operating conditions of the dryer, so close to the atmospheric pressure under the micro negative pressure operation. This not only co-ordinate the strengths of the negative pressure operation, but also to avoid the large negative pressure operation, so that the air leakage into the system, selected boring power drop defects, together, micro-negative pressure operation can ensure that the dust recovery equipment has the highest Recovery rate.