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Dryer Machine Motor Quality And Performance Advantages And Disadvantages

Zhejiang Kening Motor Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 16, 2017

First, how to choose the type of Dryer Machine Motor 

The type of Dryer Machine Motor  should be selected according to the working and use environment. At present, the market of food Dryer Machine Motor  can be described as varied, a wide range. According to different classification methods, can be divided into vertical, tower or flat bed type; continuous or batch and circulation; car mobile or fixed; downstream, countercurrent, mixed flow, cis-flow and other Types of. The operating efficiency, operating environment and performance characteristics of the various Dryer Machine Motor s are different. The user must first understand the main purpose and operating environment of the Dryer Machine Motor . If it is used to dry feed or industrial alcohol use of corn crops, the best choice for continuous drying tower, because the kind of models, although baked out of the goods is not high, but the high efficiency, especially for the Northeast Large-scale corn drying, at present, the largest specifications of the drying tower, a single daily processing capacity of up to 300-500 tons. If used to dry wheat, rice and other crops, it is best to choose batch continuous Dryer Machine Motor , this model uses low-temperature drying technology, baked out of the grain not only low burst rate, broken rice less, and Color products are good, is conducive to the value of user crop value. However, the daily processing capacity of such equipment is far lower than the continuous drying tower, for large-scale grain processing, storage enterprises have some limitations. However, with the development of drying technology, the performance of a single Dryer Machine Motor  is also expanding, at present, the market for each batch of 30 tons or even 50 tons of products have been available, and continue to expand the trend is still continuing. Even the most common market currently 15 tons -30 tons of mainstream models, can also be used by the joint unit, basically to meet the needs of the current grain drying operations.

Second, how to determine the quality of the Dryer Machine Motor  To determine the quality of the Dryer Machine Motor , we must first understand and familiar with the working principle of the Dryer Machine Motor  and the basic structure. At present, the domestic market, although the variety of cereal drying machine, but from its working principle point of view, through the mechanization of the grain up and down or smooth movement, while supplemented by hot air circulation, the grain of excess water Evaporate the discharge. Based on this principle of work, we will not be able to grasp its mechanical structure is nothing more than a few parts: grain lifting or conveying system, heat supply and delivery system, the main structure of the Dryer Machine Motor  and automation control system. With these basic knowledge, we can then judge the quality of the quality in the following order. First, to see the grain lifting or transportation system used by the motor, bearings, conveyor belts and supporting parts is a regular manufacturers products, quality performance is good. Second, look at the heat source system, it is necessary to see the equipment equipped with the burner or hot air stove and exhaust motor and other key products of their own quality advantages and disadvantages, but also to identify the hot air duct with its matching materials and welding quality to ensure its durability Sex and air tightness meet the requirements. The third is to determine the quality of the main structure of the Dryer Machine Motor , because the part of the mechanical process of operation (that is, the process of grain drying) most of the work of the undertaker, and therefore its quality is more concerned about the quality of the machine running. To determine its quality, should focus on the selection of materials, specifications and technology. Currently on the market common Dryer Machine Motor  storage granary more use 1.5-2 mm cold-rolled sheet, but also found that individual brands used plate less than 1.2 mm. The use of such a thin plate is difficult to ensure its carrying capacity; in the sheet and welding parts of the surface treatment process, the difference is more prominent, some advanced enterprises have adopted a paint or even spray technology, but most manufacturers still use paint Technology, and even individual brands in this area is shoddy, so that the overall durability of the machine greatly reduced. In addition, but also carefully determine the Dryer Machine Motor 's electronic control system. Electronic information control system is the heart of the Dryer Machine Motor , but also the most central parts of the Dryer Machine Motor , its quality is good or bad performance directly determines the overall performance of the Dryer Machine Motor  as well as the normal and stable operation. Although it is not easy to make judgments from the surface before use, it can be made from its nameplate information. At present, the market has a number of powerful large enterprises have achieved self-development of the control system, the overall performance of the basic can be assured; and most small and medium enterprises do not have their own research and development capabilities, only the Association configuration, and even individual brands only The installation of a few simple manual switch, there is no configuration automatic control system, the majority of users in the purchase, be sure to polish eyes, carefully check the electronic control system supplier information.

Third, how to determine the Dryer Machine Motor  model and the number of simple words, is to be based on the size of the daily drying of grain to determine the size of the Dryer Machine Motor  model and equipment. To understand the meaning of this sentence, but also from the Dryer Machine Motor  operating mode of operation. Continuous drying machine calibration of the working capacity of the daily processing capacity, which is the machine working 24 hours a day the total weight of the cereal drying, for this drying equipment operating capacity at a glance, the user simply according to the daily plan to dry the total grain The amount of direct selection of models can be. While the recycle batch Dryer Machine Motor  is calibrated for the effect of each batch of dried cereal weight. We know that the moisture content of different cereal varieties is different and that the moisture content of the same grain produced in different areas is also very different. Therefore, we must first combine the grain varieties to be dried and the local crops The original moisture content, conversion of a single different specifications of the daily drying capacity of the Dryer Machine Motor , and then can be combined with the user's daily cereal drying program to calculate the required models and the number of units.