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Dryer Machine Motor Safe And Secure Work

Zhejiang Kening Motor Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 19, 2017

Industrial drying machine drying system is subdivided down by a combination of different equipment, the existence of each component of its operating state will be on the drying process of Dryer Machine Motors and equipment production and quality have a certain impact, In this case, it is necessary to take into account the factors that may affect the drying rate, how to do the material in the dryer drying process to enhance the rate, so that the finished product quality better, from the dry strategy and materials Of the distinction, we should attach importance to the following conditions.

    First, the structure and speed of Dryer Machine Motors. Manufacturers need to consider is that the special structure of the dryer and the device is for some high-humidity sticky material of special equipment, according to the characteristics of the material dry finished product to go better road development direction.

    The second point, for the drying medium and material contact situation. Effectively increase the drying medium and material in the working process of the contact area, can improve the drying rate, such as the provision of Yang plate device.

    Third, the drying medium temperature, humidity and flow rate are affected. If the temperature of the drying medium is higher, the relative humidity becomes smaller, and the greater the flow rate, the shorter the drying time will be. But the drying medium temperature, humidity and process will be subject to the characteristics of materials and Dryer Machine Motor.

    The fourth point, the rationality of the structure of the combustion chamber of the dryer, the quality of the fuel are affected by the quality of the drying process.

The fifth point, to consider what is the different conditions of resources, what is the so-called resource conditions? Is the user's existing materials, different materials have different structural characteristics, according to the intrinsic quality of these materials to analyze and compare with other materials in the same dry conditions, the drying rate of performance is different.

In the process of Dryer Machine Motor installation equipment should always check the temperature of the motor and bearing, the temperature shall not exceed the established range, the balance of the gear sound, the motor operating temperature on the operation of the configuration has a direct relationship, if the actual operation In the Dryer Machine Motor set the temperature of the motor is too high, which will greatly reduce the efficiency of the configuration equipment, affecting the dry results and finished product quality. Analysis of Dryer Machine Motor motor temperature is too high or low reason:

A: set the equipment of the fan fan reversal, resulting in motor fever and the phenomenon of continuous decline in temperature, the tension affected the normal operation of the motor, even more tight will cause the motor burn, then need to disconnect the power Change the position of the motor so that the blades rotate in the correct direction.

Two: Dryer Machine Motor motor heat pipe burned, resulting in the motor at work when the heat can not be discharged in time, hidden in the motor outside the heat caused by the motor temperature reduction, such as the situation will affect the work efficiency and motor life , Then need to shut down in time and burn the heat pipe to exchange, so that the work of the motor heat can be timely and normal discharge.

Three: Dryer Machine Motor motor heating pipe conductive wire burned, heat pipe conductive wire is burned out is an important original motor cooling, if the fracture can not be timely heat transfer out of the motor temperature and consequently gradually reduced, Once more than the capacity of the motor, the insurance device will break, and even lead to set up equipment to stop the work of the operation, affecting the entire production line of the work process, so the staff in the installation and exchange of heat pipe conductive wire, Of the conductive wire, including the provision of safe and secure equipment.