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Dryer Machine Motor To Achieve Speed Or Stepless Speed Change

Zhejiang Kening Motor Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 06, 2017

The bottom of the granary of the moving Dryer Machine Motor is a conical body formed by the connection of seven equilateral trapezoidal screens and four equilateral trapezoidal iron plates, in which the four iron plates are close to the motor and the burner section is designed to prevent dust and debris Into the motor and burner, they play a protective role. But the iron plate affected the drying of the tidal flow, resulting in the formation of food near the iron part of the screen than the part of the grain moisture slow down, the flow of food is also slow, thus forming a grain drying is not And drying speed is slow, as well as drying costs are relatively increased. As a result of the above reasons, it is recommended that you dry the humidity of the food every 1.5 to 2 hours when the lower part of the vertebral control of food feed into the feeder to 5 to 6 files, cycle 15 to 20 minutes , So that even the granary evenly stirring, the formation of water and liquidity is relatively consistent, so by comparing the drying of 30 or more food can save 3 hours of time, drying costs can also be relatively decreased.

Different food varieties can use different Dryer Machine Motors. Wheat and rice-based food producing areas can choose mixed flow, mixed countercurrent type of Dryer Machine Motor, corn-based producing areas can choose multi-level downstream high-temperature fast drying machine, rice-based producing areas can be selected Along the flow, mixed countercurrent and other low temperature, large slow Su section Dryer Machine Motor.

Different foods have different drying processes and different drying temperatures. Depending on the amount of food in the drying period, different types of drying processes and drying machines can also be selected. If the food variety, the number of small or food scattered storage, should use a small batch (cycle) Dryer Machine Motor or small Dryer Machine Motor Machine Motor. Such as single species, the number of large, short drying period, should use large-scale continuous Dryer Machine Motor is appropriate.

Select the Dryer Machine Motor must consider the local energy resources to achieve a reasonable use, reduce costs. If the coal mine food producing areas, heat to coal, anthracite or coke is appropriate, its price is economical, but the coal-fired hot stove one-time investment. There are oil and gas production areas, available light diesel oil, heavy oil or natural gas and propane as a hot air furnace fuel, such fuel use costs are high, but the hot stove one-time investment is small. Special seed Dryer Machine Motor application of fuel or natural gas hot stove is appropriate, because of its stable temperature, easy to control, to ensure that the seed germination rate.

Dryer Machine Motors to complete a good drying operations, need to be equipped with some ancillary equipment. Continuous Dryer Machine Motor in the storage section should be set up and down the material level (or overflow pipe, etc.), the process of the temporary storage warehouse should be set with the warehouse level device, the hoist should have automatic shutdown and jamming alarm device. Motor should be equipped with overload protection device, and can achieve manual and automatic chain control. Grain discharge agencies should be able to achieve speed or stepless speed change. Temperature control instrument should be able to show the hot air temperature and the food temperature, and high temperature alarm. To test the moisture content of food, should be equipped with a rapid moisture tester.

Industrial drying machine drying system is subdivided down by a combination of different equipment, the existence of each component of its operating state will be on the drying process of Dryer Machine Motor Machine Motors and equipment production and quality have a certain impact, In this case, it is necessary to take into account the factors that may affect the drying rate, how to do the material in the Dryer Machine Motor drying process to enhance the rate, so that the finished product quality better, from the dry First, the structure and speed of Dryer Machine Motor Machine Motors. Manufacturers need to consider is that the special structure of the Dryer Machine Motor and the device is for some high-humidity sticky material of special equipment, according to the characteristics of the material dry finished product to go better road development direction.

The second point, for the drying medium and material contact situation. Effectively increase the drying medium and material in the working process of the contact area, can improve the drying rate, such as the provision of Yang plate device.

Third, the drying medium temperature, humidity and flow rate are affected. If the temperature of the drying medium is higher, the relative humidity becomes smaller, and the greater the flow rate, the shorter the drying time will be. But the drying medium temperature, humidity and process will be subject to the characteristics of materials and Dryer Machine Motor Machine Motor.

Fourthly, the structure of the Dryer Machine Motor combustor is reasonable and the quality of the fuel is affected by the quality of the drying process.

The fifth point, to consider the resource conditions are different, the so-called resource conditions is what? Is the user's existing materials, different materials have different structural characteristics, according to the internal quality of these materials to analyze and compare with other materials in the same dry conditions, the drying rate of performance is different.