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High-voltage Motor Structure And Function Of Each Part

Zhejiang Kening Motor Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 13, 2016

High-voltage motor consists of two parts: a fixed part called a stator, rotor of rotating parts called. There are end caps, fans, casing, frame, junction boxes, etc.
Function is used to generate the magnetic field of the stator of high-voltage motor and mechanical support. Motor stator, stator windings and stator frame consists of three parts. Embedded in the stator windings in stator core, induced electromotive force generated by the current, electric energy conversion. Engine's main function is to fix and support the stator core. Running high-voltage electric lines, internal loss of heat through the core to the base, then circulated by the base surface to the surrounding air. Ink jet printer in order to increase the heat dissipation area of Shenyang, general high voltage motor in-frame design on the outer surface of the heatsink.
High-voltage motor rotor formed by the rotor, the rotor winding and rotor. The rotor core is also used as part of magnetic circuit of the motor. Effect of rotor winding of induction electromotive force and current produced torque. Hinge is supporting the weight of rotor, torque, the main components of output mechanical power.