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High-voltage Motor Winding Short Circuit Solution

Zhejiang Kening Motor Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 13, 2016

Due to the excess flow, changes in the supply voltage of the motor, mechanical scratches, poor manufacturing caused winding insulation damage caused by short circuit, where the winding short circuit is made up of winding short, winding between the short, winding inter-turn short circuit winding short circuit between phases and four.
Due to high pressure motor long-term load Super load work, led to insulation aging lost insulation of effect; around resistance in damp of situation Xia insulation resistance declined also will caused insulation lost role; motor end Department met layer between of insulation material no pad good or plastic is was damaged; rotor and stator of around resistance end Department mutual friction also may caused insulation was damaged; metal foreign body accidentally fall into motor within or oil too much, phenomenon are has great may led to around resistance short-circuit.
If once a winding short circuit, it is necessary to take measures as soon as possible. For a short point at the end, use insulating material can be taken to separate the short point, or re-wrapped insulated cable, any paint drying. If on-line slot is the case, you must first to soften it, find the fault repaired, then back into the slot located on paint drying. Short brake resistor for each phase of less than 1/12, serial number of turns must be completely cut off all short course, be connected with the conducting part and Metro closed circuit to supply emergency use. Of course, the turn more than 1/12 when winding short circuit, must be torn down again around. Winding short circuit and a day that as long as we pay attention to everyday use and maintenance, winding short circuit is not a big problem.