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Special Motor Energy Efficient

Zhejiang Kening Motor Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 07, 2017

Special Motor is a new type of energy efficient motor which represents the future development direction. It uses permanent magnet as the excitation source, and the magnetic circuit structure of the motor does not use soft magnetic material such as silicon steel sheet. It can be considered that the magnetic circuit is not saturated by the core material The effect is simple, high efficiency, anti-overload ability and so on.

And other permanent magnet motor, permanent magnet without core motor made without external energy to maintain its magnetic field, but also caused by external regulation, control of its magnetic field is extremely difficult. With the permanent magnetless core motor high-power technology mature and development, combined with power electronics technology and micro-computer technology, which can effectively solve the drive and control problems,Special Motor so that permanent magnet without core motor in the field of motor or generator, Widely used. It is also this particularity, but also to determine the traditional motor on the drag test system of energy cycle test method does not apply to the motor, mainly in:

(1) permanent magnet without core motor to be equipped with a dedicated inverter to run, permanent magnet without core generator to be equipped with variable frequency power supply to change the output voltage and frequency to ensure that the power supply indicators meet the relevant standards;

(2) different power level of the motor, equipped with a special inverter or variable frequency power supply as a motor system, a relatively independent components to assess;

(80V ~ 460V, 50Hz ~ 400Hz), if not equipped with variable frequency power supply, electronic power adjustment device to adapt to the wide voltage input range; (3) For variable speed power generator, the output voltage amplitude and frequency range (80V ~ 460V, 50Hz ~ 400Hz)

(4) motor and inverter motor drive system for AC or DC depends on the design of dedicated inverter.

Through commissioning after the operation to prove that fully meet the permanent magnet non-core motor and special AC and DC inverter, generator sets with variable frequency power supply type test and factory test. Moreover, the system output wiring position can be adjusted to complete the ordinary asynchronous motor,Special Motor synchronous motor, DC motor and other factory test and type test.

The entire test operating system with the host computer automatic mode, the host computer manual mode and on-site manual mode can choose to complete the test, the user interface intuitive and convenient, the operator's lower requirements. Using computer and PLC control, with a complete man-machine interface and open communication capabilities, test status and power status of the entire process of monitoring; data records automatically selected by the computer the opportunity to synchronize through the network transmission,Special Motor without human factors,Special Motor Reading error, to ensure the accuracy of the test data and repeat the consistency of the test; test data automatically calculated and form a report output, the use of easy management.

The entire test system uses multi-level technology to achieve wide-frequency sine wave output, good waveform quality, low harmonic content, the output power quality to meet the relevant national standards.

The use of energy feedback technology to achieve the energy of the closed cycle, and the frequency test power supply with reactive power compensation function,Special Motor the total capacity of the distribution system requirements significantly reduced. In the test, the generator issued by the use of energy feedback, the system is added to the loss of two motors and the power supply itself, the loss of electricity consumption of less than 35% of the motor can save a lot of power, the use of cost significantly reduced.

Practice has proved that the entire test system technology is advanced, reliable, powerful, high precision, good repeatability, energy saving, cost-effective, can significantly reduce the test personnel in the trial process of the lock operation, reduce labor intensity, Economic and social benefits.