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Special Motor Industrialization Development And Automation Technology Improvement

Zhejiang Kening Motor Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 17, 2017

Special motor is a kind of motor is mainly refers to the use of the environment and production industry special difference between the name of the General Motors. With the development of industrialization and automation technology to improve the use of special motor more and more wide range of varieties.

From the current trend of the import and export trade of electromechanical products in the world, the vast majority of the cross-border trade of electromechanical products is carried out between the regional trading groups formed in North America, Europe and Asia, or across regional trade groups. From the angle of economic globalization, the trade of electromechanical products shows a relative concentration in geographical distribution to some extent. At present, Europe, North America, Asia and Oceania countries exports of mechanical and electrical products accounted for 94% of the World trade in exports of mechanical and electrical products in the region accounted for 85% of the World trade in mechanical and electrical products.

I. Inspection

1, carefully check the nameplate data, confirm the motor model to meet the use requirements.

2. Measuring the insulation resistance of the motor windings to the casing with the 500V meter, the insulation resistance should be greater than 0.5mω.

II. Installation

1, the electric motor-like installs in the indoor clean, the dry place, the periphery must ventilate well, the ambient air maximum temperature does not surpass 40 ℃,Special Motor the minimum temperature is not below 15 ℃, and should prevent the intense heat radiation.

2, the motor control apparatus should be short of phase protection and overload heat protection device, YA series of Ann-type motor should be based on the nameplate te time and starting current ratio ia/in Select the appropriate overload thermal protection device.

3, according to the wiring diagram connected to the power cord connection must be fixed, with the introduction of cables, wires of the motor, can be directly connected with the power cord,Special Motor the joint should be insulated and sealed.

4. When the power cord, the phase sequence and the electric coarse connection head sign correspond to the connection, the motor rotates clockwise from the shaft extension end. To change the steering, change the position of the two power cord wiring.

5, yd series of variable-grade asynchronous motor is to use the method of changing the line to control the speed change, in order to ensure the reliability of the motor operation, design and operation of the control device should pay attention to the high-speed switch to low speed,Special Motor the power must be cut off at the same time the 2Y connection Neutral point, In order to avoid the low speed winding when the power supply short circuit. In the high-speed switch to low-speed process, the motor must be continued after the switch can be connected to the low-speed winding power supply to reduce the impact on the motor and load. Speed switch should pay attention to the turn of the motor.

6, the motor can be mining couplings, gears, belts and load mechanical connection, more than 4kw of 2 pole motor 30kw above the 4-pole motor should not be used belt drive, the two-axle extension of the second axis of electric power can only be used in the coaxial drive. The coupling, the belt axle hole and the motor shaft's fitting tightness should be suitable, the installation is strictly prohibited to use the heavy hammer percussion. When the coupling is used,Special Motor the centerline of the motor shaft and the center line of the load mechanical axis should coincide,

Coupling shaft to keep 1~3mm clearance. When the belt is used, the center line of the motor shaft should be parallel to the center line of the load mechanical axis, and the centerline of the belt is perpendicular to the centerline of the shaft.