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Washing Machine Motor A Good Way To Use Can Be Used For Longer Periods Of Time

Zhejiang Kening Motor Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 27, 2017

Washing machine motor in the work to start frequently, the load is unstable, the use of the environment and relatively humid, after long-term use, there will be some failure. There are many kinds of fault phenomena, but can be divided into electrical and mechanical aspects of the two categories.

1, motor electrical fault repair

Electrical electrical fault occurred in the main parts of the stator winding circuit,Washing Machine Motor winding short circuit and leakage (poor insulation) three major types of failure.

(1) Winding break

The stator of the motor stator system will cause the washing machine to run the pulsator or the dewatering barrel after the power is turned on. If the two windings are broken or the windings are burned, they can not hear the "buzzing" sound. With the multimeter of the DC block is easy to detect such failures. For the capacitive motor used on the washing machine, the two windings of the washing motor are symmetrical and have the same DC resistance. Generally,Washing Machine Motor the resistance of each winding is tens of ohms. Dehydrated motor in the main winding diameter is thick, the resistance is small, generally less than 100 ohms and the secondary winding wire diameter, the larger resistance, generally more than 100 ohms. And whether it is washing the motor or dehydration motor, there are always three leads. With a multimeter to measure any of the two leads between the DC resistance has a certain resistance. If the resistance between the two leads is found to be "0" (the multimeter pointer does not move), it can be determined that the inside of the winding must be open.

If it is observed that the winding has been burned or damaged, it is necessary to rewrite the winding. If the trip point is on the two end surfaces of the stator windings. And only one disconnect can be repaired. First with tweezers carefully jump out of two broken ends. Scrape off the above printed insulating paint, and then then a section of the same diameter Po Po line, welded joints and then in the joints outside the good yellow wax tube or wrapped yellow wax silk. And then check whether the multimeter has been turned on. And finally tied with a line of its good, and in this part of the coated varnish, for moisture treatment.

If a coil in the winding is damaged, the coil can be removed from the stator phase, note the number of turns, and measure the diameter. According to the original parameters of the re-system, and then embedded in the original stator slot. And the stator slot must be arranged according to the original insulation level insulation layer. Connect the coil to the other coils in this winding and check with the multimeter for continuity. Such as normal,Washing Machine Motor can make it no load after a period of time, and then coated with insulating paint.

(2) Winding short circuit

Short circuit of the stator windings will cause no power to start, accompanied by "buzzing" sound, and will soon make the motor temperature rise too high. Serious when the smell will be issued or smoke, and ultimately destroy the motor.

Check the winding short-circuit fault can be used with the multimeter and sensory inspection match. Such as power can be judged by hand when the temperature is too high; open with the eyes to observe whether the winding winding damage, coke traces of coke, and so on. With the multimeter R × lk block or R × 10 k block the resistance between the motor lead, such as 0 or resistance significantly reduced, indicating that the winding has been short-circuit. To accurately determine the measurement results can be compared with the same specifications of the motor resistance of the winding comparison of the washing motor can also compare the resistance of the two windings to determine whether there is a short circuit fault.

If the shorting point is located at the two ends of the end,Washing Machine Motor as long as the tweezers carefully dial short thread, in between them with insulating paper, and fixed, coated with insulating paint can be.

If the short-circuit phenomenon is not seen outside the winding, the short-circuit point must be inside the winding. In order to determine whether it is the coil, can be used to determine the voltage measurement method. (12-36V), and then use a multimeter to measure the DC voltage on the four coils of the winding, such as the voltage found on a coil is significantly smaller than the other in the winding of the two leads of the winding with a low voltage DC power supply (12-36V) 3 coils, it is possible to determine the shorting point within the coil. Repair as long as the replacement of the coil can be a separate. In order to avoid damage to the winding insulation, measurement, respectively, in the measured point to tie the pin.

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