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Washing Machine Motor Can Be A Good Balance Between High-speed Speed

Zhejiang Kening Motor Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 16, 2017

1, Washing Machine Motor is a very important part, and with the Washing Machine Motor production more and more advanced, the use of the motor is constantly changing, the following we come and we specifically introduced.

  2, in the early times, the Washing Machine Motor used in the motor are two-speed motor, three-speed motor or the use of two two-speed motor as a driving force, through the belt will be passed to the drum kinetic energy, the drum in the rotation process, Weeds and washing solvents, so that the purpose of washing cloth grass. However, there are many shortcomings of this type of motor, the speed is fixed, can not meet the different linen washing required for different washing and dehydration speed requirements, the maximum speed is also limited by the series. Dehydration of high-speed and large torque can not be met at the same time, so the dehydration rate is very low. In addition, there are too many start-up current, waste of electricity, downtime, when the need to use mechanical brakes, noise and prone to failure and a series of deficiencies.

 3, and with the development of inverter technology, the inverter also began to apply in the automatic Washing Machine Motor above. When using the inverter, the speed of the motor can be freely adjusted, but also can use the communication to obtain the output frequency of the inverter and convert it to real-time display of the speed, for different linen can also be very convenient to set different washing, , Can take a good balance between high-speed speed and high torque of these two aspects, so now the inverter has been completely double-speed and multi-speed motor replaced.

Washing Machine Motor main technical performance:

  The drum is made of high quality stainless steel: CNC punching, polished and polished, the abrasive material is small; the spindle is polished by professional heat treatment, high precision and wear resistance. The cylinder is specially sprayed with zinc, High-grade oil seal bearing type seal: the most effective isolation of the acidic lotion leakage, improve the bearing life; inverter, computer controller using the industry well-known brand function, low failure rate Can be stored, can be compiled 30 sets of multi-step program, the screen shows real-time running information, the corresponding button light tips, with manual, automatic two operating methods; 10,15,20 type using solenoid valve water control; 30,50, 70,100 main cylinder, pneumatic valve.

    The cost of automatic Washing Machine Motor mainly comes from the following aspects:

   1, a good product rack made of high-strength angle or channel, the structure of the structure of the majority of the use of a stable triangle, the overall solid and reliable. Poor products are cheap low-strength angle steel, easy to deformation.

   2, good roller whole body made of high-grade corrosion-resistant stainless steel, poor product is not.

   3, good Washing Machine Motor products are mostly made of high-grade high-strength stainless steel made of some high-end products and even the whole body made of stainless steel plate, poor products are hastily painted things.

   4, good Washing Machine Motor products are mostly selected custom logic control computer, high-performance imported contactors, brand-name motor and so on. Poor brand is to save the province, for the price, all to low-based.