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Washing Machine Motor Fault Can Be Dealt With In A Timely Manner

Zhejiang Kening Motor Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 19, 2017

Ordinary pulsator washing machine using washing motor and dehydration motor, are single-phase capacitor running asynchronous motor, the rotor is cast aluminum cage rotor, the stator for the distribution of the core, embedded with two sets of primary and secondary windings.

Washing machine motor common fault for the motor winding fault and insulation failure, mechanical failure motor stator and rotor friction, bearing damage and so on.

1, turn on the power, the motor does not turn

The cause of the fault is usually the motor winding burned or local short circuit, open circuit, bearing and motor shaft lock, bad rotor, maintenance methods are as follows.

(1) intuitive identification method

Rotate the motor shaft by hand, such as turning, indicating that the bearing has been unilateral wear. These two phenomena are due to the bearing too tight and too loose, the washing machine after a long period of operation caused. The motor is not activated when the hand is turned normal, but turn on the power but not turn, and encountered such a situation can be opened the motor, one hand holding the rotor shaft, the other hand holding the bearings back and forth, if obvious Loose phenomenon, that is due to bearing wear, there has been a "stator suction rotor" phenomenon, should replace the bearing.

(2) resistance test method

Measure whether the motor windings are good. Multimeter placed in the electrical block, a test pen in the public winding, the other table in turn connected to the main winding and secondary winding, measuring the resistance value. Washing machine motor winding resistance is generally more than ten to several tens of euros.

For short-circuit windings that have not yet been completely burned, a simple easing method can be used. First find the group that was bruised, power heating stator winding to soften, with tweezers carefully pick out the wound wounds and thread, the ends of the fracture gently pull out 3 ~ 5mm, remove the oxide layer, Exposed bare lines, coated with rosin, and the other to take a diameter of the same line and bare wire welding firm, and then coated with insulating paint. The rest of the fracture is also handled in this way. After drying put on the insulation tube (tube tube), the welding port cover up and put it back. Check with a multimeter whether connected, if connected, will repair the site of a few bands of nylon thread or silk thread to prevent another bruise. For severely shortened coil windings, all must be rewound.

2, the motor starts difficult, slow start after the start

The cause of the fault is the motor bearing damage, the stator winding local short circuit, the rotor cage or end ring fracture.

(1) intuitive identification method

Remove the motor and observe if the color of the stator windings is correct. If the winding end of the black spots, the damp after the short-circuit; if the winding insulation brittle, or even carbonation, then the winding serious short circuit.

(2) resistance test method

Multimeter resistance meter in turn measure the motor main and auxiliary winding DC resistance value, if the winding resistance is too small, then the winding occurred local short circuit.

(3) maintenance method of rotor cage or end ring breakage

Rotor cage or end ring fracture usually due to overheating and showing a blue, so as long as careful observation of the various parts of the rotor, you can find the fracture. End ring fracture can be polished with gas welding. After the cage is broken, it is best to replace the rotor because the repair is more troublesome in amateur conditions.

3, the motor shell live

The motor housing is typically caused by a reduction in motor insulation performance. Measure the insulation resistance of the main and secondary windings of the motor to the ground (motor housing) with a megger. Test the three leads of the motor together with the other end of the megger.Washing Machine Motor Under normal circumstances the resistance should be more than 2MΩ, if the resistance is low, then the motor insulation performance decline; such as table pointer swing, then the insulation has been basically breakdown, but there is a very small insulation layer.

Insulation performance caused by the decline in motor leakage, and sometimes may be due to serious moisture caused by the motor, the furnace can be used to bake the stator winding fire, baking to be separated when the interval to make it even heat, repeated baking. If the insulation is damaged, the winding must be repaired.

4, the motor appears abnormal sound, the fault for three reasons:

(1) motor bearing corrosion damage, resulting in a strong vibration when the motor,, issued a significant noise, need to replace the motor.

(2) the motor rotor shaft bending, making the entire rotor eccentric, the motor is not only large noise, and start difficult, to correct the rotor shaft.

(3) the motor in the operation issued a "Cha Cha" sound, often due to the rotor and the stator occurred between the relative deflection, in the operation of the relative friction produced, the so-called "sweep chamber." The upper and lower end caps of the motor are fixed by four or six screws. When the fastening screws are loosened, the upper and lower ends are collided and the position will change. The upper and lower bearing holes deviate from the center position, causing the rotor to skew, rub with the stator, Bore phenomenon.

After the motor appears in the chamber, you can use the wooden hammer gently tapping the cover to adjust. In the percussion when the edge of the motor to turn the rotor, and pay attention to "Cha Cha" sound is reduced, if the sound increases, should replace the percussion position. You can also carefully observe the rotor in the direction of the skew in the stator, and then hit the end cover,Washing Machine Motor until you hear the sound of the chamber so far. Sweep the motor after a high speed, the screw tight for good, to prevent the phenomenon of sweeping again.