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Washing Machine Motor Greatly Improving Product Performance

Zhejiang Kening Motor Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 06, 2017

Over the years China's washing machine industry to maintain a rapid, sustained and efficient development trend, the domestic production scale of washing machines continue to expand. At the same time the central comprehensive promotion of home appliances to the countryside policy, but also greatly promote the further development of the washing machine industry. A large number of new technologies, the application of new devices greatly improve the performance of the washing machine products, while also making the washing machine maintenance increasingly complex, which is engaged in washing machine repair technical staff to bring more requirements.

In the common maintenance projects, mainly include:

1. The replacement of the Washing Machine Motor;

2. Maintenance and replacement of inlet valve;

3. Replacement of water level sensor;

4. Microcomputer control circuit board replacement;

In this one of the Washing Machine Motor burns is the most common washing machine failure, especially in some campuses, commercial coin-operated washing machines are often the most problematic. Usually, the Washing Machine Motor burned the main reasons are:

1. Forced to stop

Such as pulsator or agitator jammed by clothing or foreign matter, and other reasons to force the motor power but not turn, continuous starting current, will eventually lead to burner burn.

Severe dampness

Long-term repair in the wet environment, such as improper maintenance, or severe damp, or the original manufacturing process insulation treatment is not good, or when the use of washing machine for a long time overflow, will make the motor insulation performance, causing turn-to-turn short circuit, Resulting in abnormal high temperature, resulting in winding burned.

3. Load is overweight

When the laundry exceeds the rated amount of washing too much, it may also cause the motor to overload and the windings are overheated.

Because the Washing Machine Motor burned not only is the damage of a single motor, even the washing machine burned, and people in the use of washing process, the washing machine is usually in an unattended state. Therefore, in early 2009, the European IEC organization proposed unattended electrical safety standards (IEC 60335) mentioned in the fire-retardant requirements - that is, unattended household appliances, the actual use of materials to meet the IEC organization of the hot wire resistance Burning requirements: 750 degrees glow wire flame retardant test burning time <2 seconds requirements. Domestic and foreign enterprises engaged in unattended electrical production such as Siemens, Haier and the United States and other companies require their products used in the flame retardant components of engineering plastics must meet this requirement.

In addition, in recent years with unattended electrical spontaneous combustion led to the occurrence of fire incidents, electrical industry safety maintenance caused concern, people look forward to the voice of electrical safety services seems to be growing. In terms of security services dealers approach is to indicate the life of electrical products, timely upgrades to extend the time after-sales service.

However, to achieve the long-term safety of household appliances, especially unattended electrical appliances, especially the key components to achieve long-term safety technology to develop, that is, the development of materials used in the flame retardant and other performance on the more secure. The general flame-retardant engineering plastics can only meet the requirements of the US-UL-94 V-O, can not meet the requirements of the IEC organization's glow-wire flame-retardant test requirements and resistance to leakage traces CTI ≥ 300V. And currently in the market at the same time to meet the UL-94 flame retardant and IEC organizations unattended electrical glow wire flame retardant and high CTI value of the environmental flame retardant enhanced engineering plastics in the domestic and foreign markets are more scarce, so the development can be used to meet the IEC 60335 unattended electrical products with more of these electrical appliances to achieve long-term safety needs of environmental protection flame-retardant engineering plastics, with a broad market space.