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Washing Machine Motor More Secure In Performance

Zhejiang Kening Motor Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 17, 2017

Because the washing machine motor burns not only caused by the damage of a single motor, even the washing machine is burned, and people in the use of washing process, washing machine is usually in unattended state. Therefore, at the beginning of 2009, the European IEC organization proposed the use of Material safety standards (IEC 60335) of the fire retardant requirements-that is, unattended household appliances, the actual use of materials to meet the requirements of the IEC organization Hot Wire flame-retardant: 750 degrees of flame retardant test burning time of 2 seconds requirements.

In addition, in recent years, with the spontaneous combustion of unattended electrical appliances caused by fire incidents, the safety of the electrical industry has aroused people's attention, people look forward to the Electrical Safety Service seems to be growing louder. In the security services dealers to take the approach is to indicate life limits on electrical products, timely upgrades to extend after-sales service time.

However, in order to realize the long-term safety of household appliances, especially the unattended appliances, it is necessary to exploit the technology to realize the long-term safety of the key components, that is, to develop the materials used in flame retardant and other properties.

The washing machine motor starts frequently in the work, the load is not stable, the use environment is comparatively moist, after the long-term use, inevitably will appear some faults. There are a variety of fault phenomena, but can be broadly divided into electrical and mechanical aspects of the two major categories.

1, electrical fault repair

The electrical fault of the motor is mainly in the stator winding circuit breaker, winding short-circuit and leakage (bad insulation) three kinds of faults.

(1) Winding circuit

Motor Stator group Break team will cause power after the washing machine wave wheel or dehydration barrels do not work, such as two of windings are open or winding burned, still can't hear "hum" sound. It is easy to detect such faults with the direct current of the multimeter. For the capacitive motor used on the washer, the two windings of the washing motor are symmetrical and have the same DC resistance. Generally,Washing Machine Motor the resistance of each winding is dozens of ohms. The main winding line diameter of the dehydration motor is coarse, the resistance is small, generally less than 100 ohms and the secondary winding line diameter is fine, the resistance is larger, generally more than 100 ohms. And whether it is a washing motor or a dehydration motor, there are always three leads. Using a multimeter to measure the DC resistance between any two wires has a certain resistance. If the measurement is found that the resistance between two wires is "0" (the multimeter pointer does not move), you can determine that the internal windings must have been broken.

If the winding is observed to be burnt or badly damaged, the windings must be reset. If the opening point is on the two-end surface of the stator winding. And only one disconnect can be repaired. First use tweezers to jump out of two broken ends carefully. Scrape off the above printed insulating varnish, and then take a section of the same line diameter Calceolarias line, welded joint after the external face of good wax tube or wrapped wax silk. Then use the multimeter to check whether it has been guided. Finally,Washing Machine Motor use the wire to tie it up, and apply the insulating varnish in this area for moistureproof treatment.

If a coil in the winding is damaged, the coil can be removed from the stator phase, the turn number is recorded and the diameter of the outlet is measured. After the original parameter is reset, it is embedded in the original slot. And the stator groove must be installed in accordance with the original insulation grade insulation layer. After the wire trap is connected with the other coils in the winding,Washing Machine Motor the multimeter is used to check whether it has been guided. If normal, can make it no-load run for a period of time, and then coated with insulating paint.

(2) Winding short circuit

The short-circuit of the stator windings will cause the electric power to not start, and is accompanied by "hum" sound, and will soon make the motor temperature rise too high. Severe odor or smoke can also be emitted, the final scratch motor.

Check winding short-circuit faults can be matched with the sensory examination. If the power can be passed through the hands of the tactile judgement whether the temperature rise too high, after the opening with the eyes to observe the winding has no training damage, richest blackened traces, and so on. Using the rxlk of the Multimeter or Rx10 K block to measure the resistance between the motor leads,Washing Machine Motor such as 0 or the resistance is significantly reduced, indicating that there is a short-circuit inside the winding. In order to accurately judge, can compare the measurement result and the same specification motor corresponding winding resistance comparison, to the washing motor also can compare two windings resistance, to determine whether has the short-circuit fault.

If the short-circuit point is located at the two end of the set, as long as the use of tweezers carefully to the short course of the group, between them pad insulating paper, and fixed, coated with insulating varnish can be.

If the outside of the winding does not see the short-circuit phenomenon, then the short-circuit point must be inside the winding. To determine what the coil is,Washing Machine Motor it can be judged by the method of measuring voltage. Method is, in the presence of short-circuit fault of the winding two leads plus a low-voltage DC power supply (12-36v), and then use a multimeter to measure the winding 4 of the DC voltage on the coil, if it is found that the voltage on a coil is significantly less than the other 3 coils, then the short-circuit point can be determined in the You can only replace the coil individually when repairing. In order to avoid damaging the winding insulation, the measurement can be carried out by a pin at the measured point.